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iStream is a revolutionary way of searching for online content and many are ditching the traditional addons in favour of this great new addition to XBMC. Not only does it search multiple websites all at once but it integrates itself into your skin (skintegrates) so everything is just one click away from your homepage. Featuring Movies, TV Shows, Karaoke, Games, Maintenance and a fully customisable toolkit which allows you to choose what you want to see on your homepage and what you want hidden. If you’ve not tried this yet what are you waiting for?!

“You can now use iStream as a addon, so no need to wait for your favorite skin to be added”

1. Introduction:

This guide will give you a brief introduction into what it’s capable of and show how to install correctly.:

2. Initial Setup (sources & indexers):

Stream has so many features you just need to set everything up correctly, this guide will show you device and locale specific setup info.

3.IMDB Watchlist Integration:

Integrate your IMDB watchlists, create lists for what you want to watch and even have an individual list for each family member. All of this info can be added into XBMC with iStream and if you install the IMDB app on your smartphone you can add content to XBMC wherever you are and it will update in real-time! Make sure you enter the two letters preceding the number and also make your list public, failure to do so will result in an error.

5.Playlist Integration:

Many of the users were looking to get iStream integrated with playlists i.e. user playlists shared by the XBMC community through different platforms out there. iStream Playlists brings you that integration. At presents iStream playlists support PLX and XML formats...with many more formats coming soon.